Thank you for considering Old Peachtree Montessori School.

By choosing to explore educational options for your child, you have proven that you seek excellence. We are confident that you will find excellence in education at Old Peachtree Montessori School. It is our hope that while you are seeking the best educational environment for your child, that you will in turn, educate yourself about the principles of Montessori, and the standards and expectations to which an accredited school must adhere.

In the early 1900s, Maria Montessori, the first woman physician in Italy, developed the Montessori theory. While working with children, she developed several theories about how a child learns and which environment best fosters and encourages optimal development in a child. Dr. Montessori was interested in not only the best way to educate a child about academics, but developing the whole child with regard to manners, courtesy, and respect for the environment, as well as, humankind. The Montessori theory is widely accepted and practiced in Europe and is growing in popularity in the United States. Many public schools are now adopting Montessori theories and practicum of the Montessori classroom.

Old Peachtree Montessori programs are lead by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and American Montessori Society (AMS) trained teachers and offers an environment where students can become excited about learning; a place where students take their natural curiosity and develop it into a passion for knowledge. The challenges that our society presents, now more than ever, require students to be not only intellectually prepared, but have an awareness of personal responsibility and ethics that go with world citizenship. It is our goal to form a partnership with parents to provide a consistent, stimulating environment, as well as, setting expectations of success and excellence.

We would be happy to speak with you about admission requirements, tuition or any other concern you may have. We encourage you to set up an appointment to visit Old Peachtree Montessori School. I am confident that you will see the active “growing” taking place every day at our school.

Gus and Todd Garcia