During the year, our families in each class take turns providing snack for the class. Please involve your child as much as possible when choosing from the suggested list below. Planning and shopping for the items can be a fun learning experience (comparing items, weighing fruits and vegetables, discussing healthfulness (i.e. whole grain items, fresh foods, etc.).

Please bring the snack and food preparation items on the first day of the week that you have been assigned. Please come so that you are the first in carpool and can bring the items in, with your child, just before carpool starts. Your child will help in placing the items in proper storage, after carpool.

Due to peanut and tree nut allergies in our general school environment, DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PEANUT OR TREE NUT PRODUCTS.



Old Peachtree Montessori students bring their lunch to school every day in a clearly labeled lunch box. We place great emphasis on the importance of good nutrition. Good nutrition is the first step to a lifelong routine of wellness. Lunch is a very important part of your child’s school day. We encourage you to prepare lunches with your child and discuss balanced meals. We should work together to teach our children about health and nutrition. Obviously, we all want to pack lunches that our children will eat. The challenge is to help them discover that wholesome, sugar-free foods can taste even better than junk food and don’t have negative effects on our bodies.

With younger children, it is a good idea to prepare food in small, easy to handle servings, such as cutting sandwiches into quarters, slicing up fresh fruit and preparing bite sized slices of cheese. Capri Sun drinks are discouraged, as they are very difficult to open, even for adults.

We ask that you choose fresh, natural foods. Please DO NOT send candy, sugary desserts, and foods high in artificial coloring, or soft drinks. We strongly discourage sending in desserts, as children will always eat dessert, but not always their lunch. There are many brands of yogurt and applesauce that do not contain artificial coloring or flavoring.

We ask that you to please send water, milk, or 100% fruit juice in your child’s lunch to drink. We recommend that your child’s lunch have a “cool pack” to keep perishables and drinks fresh and cold. We do not have the ability in the primary or pre-primary classes to heat any food.

For students who have forgotten lunch, or for half day students whose parents are late to pick up a lunch is provided and a $5.00 fee added to your account. The following will be provided to them for lunch: Fruit-diced peaches in 100% juice, canned peas, Gerber chicken sticks, whole grain brown rice, Spaghetti O’s, milk or water.

Please don’t send your child to school with any of the following items:

  • Nut products such as peanut butter, almond butter, pine nuts, cashews, almonds, etc. If in doubt, leave it out.
  • Sweet desserts
  • Soda pop and sweet juices
  • Prepackages lunches such as burger meals from fast food restaurants

For younger children, keep in mind that they must open and close their own lunch containers. Practice at home to make sure that your child can open his or her lunchbox.

Consider using whole wheat pita, bagels, tortillas or whole wheat rolls to “mix it up” and keep sandwiches from becoming boring. Letting your child choose her own fruits and vegetables may also help make sure that they are eaten. This gives the child a sense of control and participation.